May 10, 2022

Present: Cyndi Carman, Darlene Hamilton, Ida Patton, Kevan Eddleman, Dana Lampert, and Judy Alvey.

 6:04 meeting was called to order.

The  minutes for April 12 were approved with a motion by Cyndi Carman and a second Kevan Eddleman. The minutes for April 20 was approved with a motion by Ida Patton and a second by Cyndi Carman. Bills to be paid were tabled until the next meeting.

Librarian report:

The librarian  report indicated that Shirley Rose would be retiring from her janitorial job.  It was suggested that Shirley should send a letter to the board and that the  job position should be posted with a job description, the rate of pay, and the hours. The posting can be on the door, Facebook and our regular website.

The board is interested in seeing the janitorial timesheet as well as other board employees timesheets.  They should be reviewed when reviewing the librarian’s time sheets.  

Board terms need to be amended as they should be three-year terms not four year terms. We will need a new list updated and new appointment letters.  At this time, it is Darlene Hamilton, Dana Lampert,  and Judy Alvey.

New business:

There was a motion by Judy Alvey to make Kevan Eddleman a third check signer for the library’s account #________________ at Banterra Bank. The motion was seconded by Cyndi Carman and passed  with a roll call vote.   Yes: Cyndi Carman, Dana Lampert, Judy Alvey, Darlene Hamilton, Ida Bishop.  There were no objections. 

Chapter 5:  Serving  our Public, see attached sheets.

Tax Levy request and  Fy 22-23Budget were tabled.

Board needs more information on these items.

Furniture and Fixtures $2,458 grant. What was purchased.

Library materials $4,198

Office supplies  $424.11


Misc. $400   376.73  ?  $500

Employee Performance Evaluation


The evaluations were passed out to each board member to complete. President will email them to each board member and evaluations will be turned in without names at the next meeting. They will be tallied and an average score will be compiled.  Written remarks will be complied together.

Executive session should be added to next months meeting to review employee evaluation.

Adjournment at 7:19


How did overpayment from the county occur?  

How were we notified of the error?

Was it in writing?

Why was the board not notified of such a big expense and mistake?

We would like to see all timesheets in the folder during the regular  board meetings.

Donations and Memorials:  The amount of $654.37 hasn’t changed in two months.

 We need the backroom to be organized. It  is  full of different items, and  we need to get it cleaned up. We don’t want any blocked areas.

Chapter 5:  Building,  Infrastructure and Maintenance:    Is this one completed yet?

Minutes prepared by Ida Bishop and typed by Darlene Hamilton


Tax Levy Request—The city requires our previous year’s expenditures and tax levy request to be turned in to them by May 30.  Therefore, I turned them in.  The tax levy request is merely the figures the county has already given me.

FY22-23 Budget—I have made a budget based on the information available.  I was required to use our current year’s budget to apply for the IL Humanities Grant.  Both the Tax Levy Request and the budget are on the agenda for July 12.

Furniture and Fixtures--$2,458.  A/C  It was not paid for from a grant. 

Library materials--$4,198.  Library materials are the items available for people to check out.  State standards require 8 – 12% of each library’s budget.  We are just under 12%.  We are very lucky to have the Otto Cochran money for this purpose.

Office Supplies--$424.11.  That is the amount over the budget amount that we spent.

I don’t understand what the Programming Misc. $400 376.73  ?  $500 question is asking.  If the Programming question is why did we spend $778.71 instead of $200.00 that question has been asked and answered.  We budgeted $200 which isn’t enough if you actually plan to have a program.  The Friends of the Library and others donated every penny spent on Programming.  The Library paid for absolutely nothing. 

I will copy all items from our budget and share them with you.  However, every expenditure ever made was approved by the Library Board. 

Evaluations:  These are a tool for providing the very best service our library can offer.  I have always participated in evaluations, sitting face-to-face in order to receive positive feedback and suggestions for constructive change.  I do not understand the function of evaluation by secret ballot.  

During hours of operation, I am at the library, helping patrons to set up email accounts, write resumes, apply for unemployment, renew FOID cards, remember the name of that writer or that book or that movie.  We provide a safe and friendly space for children to read, use the internet, work puzzles, and play games.  I write grants that fund the programs used by dozens of kids and some adults.  I keep state-required records of library use and I take care of the glitches as they happen.  When our website goes down or QuickBooks malfunctions, I’m the person who make the long phone calls.  It’s a big job.  It’s an important job.  And it is a job that I am good at.  When Margo left, our Monthly Statistics showed that 2,657 patrons had used the library during the fiscal year ending April 2016.  For this past fiscal year we had 4,921 patrons.  Clearly our library is doing its job.

Overpayment of taxes:  This was a county error.  It was reported in the May 5 Hardin County Independent.  The money was never promised to us or owed to us. The money was returned, and the library board was notified.  See April Librarian Report.

Timesheets of library employees:  Like every other public library board in the State of Illinois, the Library Director is the only employee of the Board of Directors.  My timesheet is always provided.  I hire, manage, and supervise janitorial staff and library helpers.  Those timesheets are my responsibility.  If the board has a need to see a specific library staff time sheet, I will be glad to provide them on an as-needed basis. 

Donations and Memorials:  The amounts in both the Hurford/Kibler Memorials and the Donations/Memorials funds have not changed since I’ve been the director.  I have been told that this money is not to be spent.  If it is now available, I am very glad to hear that. I desperately need a new printer.  Jeff has suggested an HP LaserJet Pro M281fdw All-in-One Wireless Color Laser Printer.  It is available through Amazon for $647.00.  I have spoken with both Chris Williams and Susie Williams and both are in agreement that they would much rather see that money spent on that specific need rather than to continue to sit in the bank any longer. 

Blocked areas in the back room: There are no blocked areas.   I received the June minutes BEFORE I received the May minutes and I wasn’t sure what Jennifer was referring to when she commented that the storage room was looking better.  There were absolutely no changes made in the back room between the May meeting and the June meeting except for some cleaning out of the cabinets and files.  There have been changes made now.  The ladders were stored close to the door and there was only a space 26 inches wide to get through.  That was enough for me, but I took my ladder home so it’s no longer in the way. I’ve called the city and asked them to take the other ladder.  They don’t want it.  Brian Lewis refused to use it when he was on the board and no one who is currently employed here is going to use it.  Donna and Patti have spent hours organizing and getting rid of unnecessary items from the back room.  It is in excellent shape.

Chapter 5 for the Per Capita Grant:  Is this one completed yet?  That is a question only the Board members can answer.  Did you come up with a response for that question or not?   The May Minutes state that this chapter has been addressed and I know everyone here will be delighted if we can just zoom through it.  I do need the answer though. Darlene asked if the inventory had been completed.  The Inventory was included with the November 2021 Board packet.  You voted to have me put a copy in the safe deposit box at the bank.

​February 14, 2023

​No meeting--no quorum


P. O. Box 16, 308 Main Street Rosiclare IL 62982 US

​April 11, 2023

​No meeting--no quorum

December 13, 2022

Present:  J. Lane,  K. Eddleman, W. Gibbs, S. Angleton, J. Alvey,  S. Wiesemann

Absent:  D. Hamilton, I. Bishop, C. Carman, D. Lampert

6:02 p.m. Call to Order

Motion to approve the November meeting minutes. K. Eddleman/ W. Gibbs All agreed.

Motion to approve the November financials (checks 11218 - 11225; 11227 - 11233 and 2 epays) J. Lane/J. Alvey, All Agreed.

Discussion/New Business:

S. Wiesemann said that she would be closing the Library the Friday before Christmas and the Monday after Christmas. She wasn’t sure that there would be a good turn out with the holiday anyway.

J. Lane asked if there had been any new decisions made with the Friends of the Library. Toni Stone and a teenager were the only ones who responded. Everyone agreed the ad should be taken out of the Independent for awhile.

PC/EQ grant application was finalized to be mailed off soon.

A motion was made to pay a $250 application fee and a $500 assistance fee SIRPDC for the grant. K. Eddleman/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.

Williams and Associates will be under a new FSB Insurance now. This will not have an effect on the library’s policies.

Unfinished Business: n/a

Motion to Adjourn  6:33 p.m. W. Gibbs/K. Eddleman, All Agreed.

 Minutes prepared by J. Lane

June 14, 2022

Present:  J. Lane,  K. Eddleman, C. Carman, W. Gibbs, D. Hamilton, S. Angleton, J. Alvey, D. Lampert
Absent:  I. Bishop, S. Wiesemann

6:16 p.m. Call to Order

Discussion/New Business: 

Since she was absent from the last meeting, S. Angleton had some questions and discussions about the May meeting minutes before approval. 

The library’s checking account number will be added when the approved minutes are presented to Banterra Bank for K. Eddleman to be added as a third check signer for the library.

Motion to approve the May minutes. J. Lane/K.Eddleman, All agreed.

Board said that the new non-resident fee is figured based on a formula required by the state. It was last updated in 2021.

Motion to approve and raise the non-resident library card fee to $30. C. Carman/K.Eddleman, All Agreed.

Library Director S. Wiesemann was absent due to COVID-19 illness. She is doing better and hoping to come back Thursday. The financial reports were not finished so they can be looked over for approval at the next meeting.

Motion to go into Executive Session at 6:26 p.m. C. Carman/J. Alvey, All agreed

Motion to exit Executive Session at 6:51 p.m. W. Gibbs/D. Lampert, All agreed

Discussion/New Business:

J. Lane will give the completed employee evaluation to S. Wiesemann later this week since D. Hamilton will be leaving town for a couple of weeks.

Members thought it would be a good idea for someone to come down and put a sign on the door, in addition to putting the closure on facebook, to let patrons know the library would be closed.

Board members read through and collectively answered questions on the Humanities Grant application that has to be completed and submitted by June 30. 

To add to the agenda for July meeting: Board wants to look at the personnel policy to look at paid time off amounts and discuss options at the next meeting. Also, it is time to review the personnel policy. D. Hamilton quickly looked for the personnel policy but couldn’t find it. She will have S. Wiesemann get it out for the next meeting.

P. Spivey has been organizing the back storage room and it is looking better.

Motion to Adjourn  7:43 p.m. W. Gibbs/C. Carman/All agreed.

Rosiclare Memorial Public Library

January 10, 2023

Present:  D. Hamilton, J. Lane,  K. Eddleman, W. Gibbs, J. Alvey, D. Lampert, S. Wiesemann

Absent:   I. Bishop, C. Carman, S. Angleton

6:05 p.m. Call to Order

Motion to approve the December meeting minutes. J. Alvey, W. Gibbs, All agreed.

Motion to approve the December financials (2 e-pays and checks 111217; 11234–11243; 11245; 11247) J. Lane/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.

Discussion/New Business:

Board members went through the Illinois Public Library Equalization Aid Grant Expenditures Report and assigned categories for State Standards on how funds were spent.

Minimum wage has increased to $13 per hour as of January 1, 2023.

Motion was made to approve Donna Walzak’s pay to $13.00 per hour and Library Director Sharon Wiesemann’s pay to $13.75 per hour.  D. Lampert/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.

Motion to Adjourn  6:52 p.m. W. Gibbs/J. Alvey, All Agreed.

Minutes prepared by J. Lane.

March 14, 2023
Time: 6:07

Present:  Judy Alvey, Darlene Hamilton, Dana Lampert, Wilma Gibbs, Shirley Angleton, Kevan Eddleman, Sharon Wiesemann

Absent:  Jennifer Lane, Cyndi Carman, and Ida Bishop

Minutes:  There was no meeting in February, so January minutes were reviewed and approved.  Kevan Eddleman 1st   Wilma Gibbs 2nd.  Motion passed.

Financial Report:  Check 11269 was for janitorial supplies.  The financial report was approved with a motion made by Kevan Eddleman and a second by Judy Alvey. It passed.

Librarian Report: Sharon will go to Alene Carr’s office for the zoom conference for the applicants for the Construction Grant.  We need a representative there to answer any questions that need to be addressed.

Unfinished Business:  None

New business:

We reviewed and addressed Chapter 1 (Serving our Public) and Chapter 2 (Governance & Administration) from our Core Standards,

Banned Book Policy:  Discussion and Explanation-Library Bill of Rights

Judy Alvey made a motion to approve the ALA (American Library Association) Bill of Rights. Shirley Angleton made a second. It passed.

Other:  Sharon reported a laptop died, the fax machine died, and one keyboard is not working. Discussion on purchasing one was tabled.

Wilma Gibbs made a motion to adjourn and Kevan Eddleman made a second.

Adjourn 7:00

April 12, 2022

CTO: 6:20 p.m.

Present: J. Lane, D. Hamilton, S. Angleton, S. Wiesemann, D. Lampert, K. Eddleman, C. Carman
Absent: J. Alvey, W. Gibbs, I. Bishop

Discussion/New Business:

Motion to approve March minutes. K. Eddleman/D. Lampert, All agreed

Motion to approve March financials, check numbers 11085-11104 and 3 epays. J.Lane / K. Eddleman, All agreed

See Librarian’s report. S. Wiesemann said the library is open 25 hours per week, with Patti opening 30 minutes earlier each day, 12:30 -5:30 p.m.

Unfinished business:

Workman’s comp insurance – S. Wiesemann said that Bill Ghent provides a worker’s comp insurance for Harrisburg library and they pay $1,200 for it. The quotes the Rosiclare library has been given were around $1,500 and $1,600 so far. S. Wiesemann found the LIRA company that provides Worker’s Comp insurance for libraries. She said we may be able to get a cheaper policy through them. Board members said they would see what the Rosiclare City Board could offer at the next meeting because their agent was giving them a quote to include the library. Then, if their offer isn’t sufficient or they don’t want to add the library, the board could apply for the LIRA to get a quote.

New Business: S. Wiesemann asked if she could get the toys out again for library patrons. The board agreed if they were cleaned after use to prevent spread of coronavirus or other viruses.

S. Wiesemann asked if the library could advertise Cards for Kids, a program that gives a free library card to kids 18 or under enrolled in public school. There are no restrictions on how many books children can check out. Since all kids at Hardin County Schools qualify for free lunches, all kids enrolled in school can get a card for free whether they live in Rosiclare or not. The board members agreed to promote the program.

Board members reviewed Serving Our Public, Chapter 4.

Motion to adjourn at 7:11 p.m. J. Lane/K. Eddleman All agreed

Minutes prepared by Jennifer Lane

October 11, 2022

Present:  J. Alvey, D. Lampert, W. Gibbs, S. Angleton, K. Eddleman, S. Wiesemann
Absent:   J. Lane, D. Hamilton, Ida Bishop, Cyndi Carman

6:10 p.m. Call to Order

Motion to approve September meeting minutes.  K. Eddleman/W. Gibbs.  All agreed.

Sharon reported the Equalization Grant came in on September 1, 2022.

Motion to approve the September financials (2 e-pays and checks 11189 – 11201 & 11203.  J. Alvey/K. Eddleman.  All agreed.

Librarian Report:

Amazon – Sharon reported having difficulty setting up a line of credit.  Amazon will no longer be affiliated with Synchrony Bank after January 10, 2023 and our current method will no longer work.  Judy Alvey suggested getting a debit card/credit card through the bank under the library.  Will discuss at the next meeting.

Grants – The Live and Learn Construction grant can be applied for now.  It can only be used for building related projects.  K. Eddleman suggested possibly getting new lighting from this grant.  Will discuss at the next meeting.

Unfinished Business: 

The Personnel section of the library policy was gone over and discussed.  S. Wiesemann had made the changes the way she thought the board meant when they were discussing this at the last meeting.  S. Angleton read each of the points and informed everyone the differences between the old policy and the new policy of that section.  Differences noted are in the time sheet section and the overtime section.

The holiday section was discussed concerning the following State Holidays not included in the current policy:  Good Friday, Martin Luther King Day, and Columbus Day.  After discussion it was agreed these three holidays would be added.

The vacation policy was changed to PTO (paid time off) in the revised policy.  We discussed adding one week to PTO upon 5 years as well as an additional day off each year after that.  This would occur on the anniversary date of the employee.  After discussion it was agreed these changes would be made.  A motion was made to accept the revisions in the Personnel Section by Dana Lampert and seconded by Wilma Gibbs.

New Business:

Holiday Open House – Sharon W. had contacted the city and they said she could let them know what day the library would prefer for Santa and the Open House.  Shirley A. had spoken to the Golden Circle and their Christmas dinner is scheduled for Friday, December 9, 2022.  It was agreed the Holiday Open House for the Library will be on Saturday, December 10, 2022 from 10:00 am – noon.
Motion to adjourn 7:30 pm.  Wilma Gibbs/Dana Lampert.  All agreed,

Minutes prepared by Shirley Angleton

Special Board Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2022 - CTO: 6:00 p.m.

Present: J. Lane, D. Hamilton, S. Angleton, S. Wiesemann, I. Bishop, K. Eddleman, C. Carman, D. Lampert
Absent: J. Alvey, W. Gibbs

Jody Morrison with Banterra Insurance found a new Worker’s Comp Insurance quote for the Library from Employers EIG Services, Inc. He wasn’t able to release the quote until Monday, April 18. The quote was $869.00, significantly lower than the two quotes received from Hartford at Williams and Associates from Melissa Steigerwald ($1528.00) and Banterra Insurance from Jody Morrison ($1630.00).

On Tuesday, April 19, S. Wiesemann, D. Hamilton, S. Angleton, and J. Lane attended the Rosiclare City Council meeting to talk to the City Board about adding the Library to their Worker’s Compensation Insurance and the Library would pay their portion if added. The Board wanted to help the Library, but was worried about liability. City Attorney Fred Turner attended along with Jody Morrison, Banterra Insurance agent (who is the agent who provides insurance for the City) weighed in with details and guidance to the City. Morrison said that if the City added the Library on their Worker’s Comp insurance, they would also have to put the Library’s building insurance on a policy too, a requirement by the carrier. They would have to enter into an intergovernmental agreement. After much discussion, the City Board agreed to pay the difference of the amount that the Library would have paid if added to the City’s policy, instead of adding them to their policy. If the Library Board decided to take the new Employers EIG Services, Inc. policy that Morrison found, they would only have to pay about $300 for the policy with the City’s donation. Mayor Tolbert said that TIF money should be paid to the Library this year and that will also help with expenses. The Board agreed that they would reassess the situation on a yearly basis to see if they will donate again toward the library’s Worker’s Comp insurance.

Also, at the City Board meeting, Mayor Tolbert said he went to the Courthouse to look up and further investigate the deed to the Library building. He said it hadn’t been recorded.

D. Hamilton and I. Bishop planned to go to the courthouse to take care of the deed this week.

D. Hamilton suggested once everything is taken care of to reprint the history of the Library in Out of the Past of the Hardin County Independent.

Motion to approve and accept the Worker’s Comp Insurance quote from Banterra Insurance through Employers EIG Services, Inc of $869 with acknowledgment that the City will send a check for $566 to help cover the cost of the annual premium. S. Angleton/K. Eddleman All Agreed

Motion to adjourn at 6:24 p.m. I. Bishop/K. Eddleman All agreed

Minutes prepared by Jennifer Lane

September 13, 2022

Present:  J. Lane, W. Gibbs, S. Angleton, S. Wiesemann, D. Hamilton, I. Bishop, K. Eddleman,
Absent:   C. Carman, D. Lampert, J. Alvey
Guest: Mitzi Knight

 6:07 p.m. Call to Order

Mitzi Knight visited to speak on behalf of the Friends of the Library. The Friends of the Library was formed in 2011 with five or 6 people who carried out fund raising and volunteer efforts. They have donated money for the purchase of several items such as furniture, computers, and supported the library in other ways through programming needs and supplies. Three of the volunteers have left the group and fund raising has fallen off. They have received nice donations from American Water and Shawnee Communications. There is about $4,000 left in the account. S. Wiesemann talked to Phil Lenzini, Library Attorney, and it is thought that the group doesn’t have to be organized like previously thought in order to exist. They will look into this further. Mitzi said several reports have to be filed each year to keep the not for profit status going. Mitzi said they plan to wind things down by the end of the year but hope someone would like to take it over so it will continue. They no longer want to run the Friends of the Library. Toni Stone and a local teenager have taken interest in keeping it going. D. Hamilton thanked Mitzi and the others for their help over the years with Friends of the Library.

Motion to approve the August meeting minutes. W. Gibbs/S.Angleton, All agreed.

Motion to approve the July financials (7 pays and checks 11149; 11172–11188) K. Eddleman/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.

Unfinished business: Personnel Policy - discussed and tabled. Everyone was asked to look over the policy and come back with ideas for the changes.

Discussion/New Business:

The library will be open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 1 for Fluorspar Days.

Chapter 9 &10 of Serving Our Public was reviewed.

D. Hamilton will follow up with the City of Rosiclare about the Decennial Efficiency of the Library.

Motion to Adjourn 7:37 p.m. W. Gibbs/S. Angleton. All Agreed.

Minutes prepared by J. Lane.

November 8, 2022

Call to Order:  6:00 p.m.

Present:  D. Lampert, J. Alvey, W. Gibbs, D. Hamilton, K. Eddleman, S. Angleton, S. Wiesemann
Absent:   C. Carman, I. Bishop, J. Lane

Motion to approve October meeting minutes.  W. Gibbs/J.Alvey.  All agreed.
Motion to approve October financials (4 e-pays and checks 11202 and 11204 – 11216.  W. Gibbs/J. Alvey.  All agreed.

Librarian Report:

TIF Reimbursement discussion.  The City will need to be contacted to find out what we need to do to get reimbursed.
Amazon pay by invoice was successfully set up.
Live and Learn Grant—New lighting qualifies.  Alene will be contacted to assist on this.

Unfinished Business:

It was agreed that Darlene Hamilton, Kevan Eddleman, and Jennifer Lane will all have authority to sign purchase orders.
Library debit card will not be needed since Sharon was able to set up an Amazon account with pay by invoice.
Open House for Christmas was discussed.  The date will be December 10th from 10:00 am – noon.  Ookies and treats and crafts were discussed.  Darlene will bring what she has for everyone to look through.

Motion to adjourn:  6:45 p.m.  W. Gibbs/D. Lampert

March 8, 2022

Present:  J. Lane,  K. Eddleman, C. Carman, S. Wiesemann, W. Gibbs, D. Hamilton, S. Angleton, D. Lampert, J. Alvey
Absent:  I. Bishop

6:00 p.m. Call to Order

Discussion/New Business:

Motion to approve the February minutes. C. Carman/ W. Gibbs All agreed.

New board members, Dana Lampert and Judy Alvey, were sworn in by Board Secretary J. Lane and welcomed by the board.

Motion to approve February financials, checks 11075-11084 and 3 e-pays. J. Lane/W. Gibbs - All Agreed

S. Wiesemann asked the board to read some documents she provided for them (Attachments A, B, C from the 2013 Library Director’s training manual). The attachments reviewed the responsibilities and do’s and don’ts for library trustees and the director. It will be added to the Library Fun Facts information.

S. Wiesemann asked for the board to read her Librarian’s report: see attached.

S. Wiesemann added separate documents with detailed information about the Craft Program in with her financial reports and Librarian’s report.

Unfinished Business: 

S. Wiesemann talked to City Clerk Traci Bishop who said the Rosiclare Council would not add the library on their workman’s comp insurance. J. Lane mentioned that it said they would add the library on in the Rosiclare Council minutes. After the Library meeting J. Lane checked the original document from the Rosiclare Council and the Independent had made a typo. The information S. Wiesemann received was correct. D. Hamilton said she would talk to Mayor Tolbert and library board members would likely attend an upcoming Rosiclare Council meeting to see if they will add the library and the library would pay its portion.

New Business:

Two employee evaluation forms were reviewed and the board made adjustments to one they liked best. Under interpersonal skills they added “positive supervision of volunteers and other workers”, since the evaluation didn’t mention anything about other workers.

Motion to approve an Employee Performance Evaluation. C. Carman/S. Angleton All Agreed.

The board will do an evaluation on S. Wiesemann after the next library meeting in April.

S. Wiesemann is in charge of evaluations of other employees.

Since the “Friends of the Library” group has been purchasing crafts materials for the Library Craft Program, S. Wiesemann said she would like to put the $50 that was part of a motion at the last meeting for craft supplies to be added to money to pay D. Walczak’s wages instead.

Motion to approve the change of the $50 from craft money to Donna’s wages.  S. Angleton/C. Carman. All Agreed

The board discussed the January minutes where they forgot to assign D. Walczak’s wages at $12.00 per hour.

Motion to approve D. Walczak, Library Assistant, wage to $12.00 per hour. W. Gibbs/J. Lane. All Agreed.

Board members reviewed Chapter 3 in Serving Our Public 4.0 and updated next year’s grant paperwork for that specific chapter.

C. Carman asked if the new board members if they had any questions. The group discussed that it will take time for the new board members to learn and absorb the information and duties. If they had any questions they should ask S. Wiesemann or any of the board members. S. Wiesemann will set up their library emails soon and contact them when done.

Motion to Adjourn  6:42 p.m. W. Gibbs/J. Alvey All agreed.

Minutes prepared by J. Lane.

August 9, 2022

Present:  J. Lane, W. Gibbs, S. Angleton, J. Alvey, S. Wiesemann, D. Hamilton,
Absent:  I. Bishop, C. Carman, K. Eddleman, D. Lampert

6:23 p.m. Call to Order

Motion to approve the July meeting minutes. K. Eddleman, J. Alvey, All agreed.

Motion to approve the July financials (three e-pays and checks 11158-11171) W. Gibbs/S. Angleton, All Agreed.

Discussion/New Business:

D. Hamilton said that she hopes the library can invite more speakers and have the Summer Reading Program more than three days next year. S. Wiesemann said many of the speakers were not available on the days the program was held this year.

Friends of the Library members are ready to resign from their positions due to other obligations and personal reasons. There are only three members at this time. They are looking to find some new members. J. Lane said she could put a request in the Independent, looking for new members. One member, Mitzi Knight, suggested moving the money over to the library financial accounts, but unsure if that is legal. S. Wiesemann will check with the library attorney to see if the 501c3 money from the Friends of the Library can be moved to an account or see if they can donate it to the library. Mitzi will attend the September Board meeting to explain things to speak on behalf of the group.

Librarian’s Report: See attached.

S. Wiesemann talked about the evaluation and asked for clarification on some of her scores. It was discussed that since this was the first year of giving the evaluation, the board may need to change it or adjust the way it is completed. W. Gibbs read her part of the evaluation to S. Wiesemann and the board.

S. Wiesemann has spent several hours working on the website and on the phone about it for 5 hours, to find out that she will not have to revamp the site after all. The payment has been made to cover two years and the site is secure.

Some board members gave a donation to the library on behalf of Chris Gowins (former board member) who recently passed away.

The board read through public comments in surveys given out to patrons. There was good feedback and positive comments about S. Wiesemann and the library.

Microfilm is no longer needed at the library since the Independents have been digitized. Old microfilm reels will be given to J. Lane to store at the Independent since there is a microfilm machine there.

Grandma Moses prints were found in the library. They are a collector’s item. S. Wiesemann or a board member will ask the Friends of the Library if they will purchase a frame so the prints can be rotated. Also, someone will ask Roy Tolbert if he will hang the picture.

Chapter 7 & 8: Serving Our Public was reviewed.

Board minutes have been delivered to Banterra Bank, so that K. Eddleman can be a signer of the checks.

Personnel Policy was briefly discussed but tabled until the September meeting.

Motion to Adjourn  6:45 p.m. J. Alvey, J. Lane. All Agreed.

Minutes prepared by J. Lane.

July 12, 2022

Present:  J. Lane,  K. Eddleman, W. Gibbs, S. Angleton, J. Alvey, D. Lampert, S. Wiesemann
Absent:  D. Hamilton, I. Bishop, C. Carman

6:07 p.m. Call to Order

Motion to approve the June meeting minutes. S. Angleton, D. Lampert, All agreed.
Motion to approve the April financials (four pays and checks 11105-1118) J. Lane/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.
Motion to approve the May financials ( 6 pays and checks 11119 - 11135, 11137, 11139-11140) J. Alvey/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.
Motion to approve the June financials (1 pay and checks 11136, 11138, 11141-11148, 11150-11153, and 11157). K. Eddleman/D. Lampert, All Agreed.

Discussion/New Business:
S. Wiesemann will be getting the website up and running and updated by August 15, 2022 due to a new requirement for a new secure site. It is cheaper and will be paid for for 5 years, August 2022 - 2027. People can access the website for Board Minutes, access to the library systems, and general information about the library.

Quickbooks expired in May and an annual plan had to be purchased. S. Wiesemann negotiated to get the library a good price, $349.99. The program is a little different, but S. Wiesemann has figured it out and has continued on with her bookkeeping just fine.

S. Wiesemann said several board members have not completed their FOIA and OMA training.

S. Wiesemann noted that the tax levy request at the May meeting has been taken care of and it was not necessary to table the issue.
Refer to S. Wiesemann’s full librarian’s report for more information.

Donna Walczak has been hired to replace Shirley Rose, janitor, who retired at the end of May. Donna started working in June, so the job doesn’t need to be posted. Donna is paid the same as Shirley was and will work as a janitor 3 hours every two weeks. She will also work as the library assistant and do the children’s programs weekly.

S. Wiesemann requested a new color printer.
Motion to approve the purchase of a new color printer using Kibler/Hurford Memorial Funds. W. Gibbs/J. Alvey, All Agreed.

S. Wiesemann still needs the answer for Chapter 5 of Serving Our Public. J. Lane said D. Hamilton has it and she can give it to S. Wiesemann at the next meeting.

In order to add K. Eddleman as a check signer for the Banterra Bank account, former board member P. Koch will need to be removed.

After continued discussion on authorized check signers for the Banterra Bank Account # ________________, board made a motion to remove Patti Koch as an authorized signer. D. Lampert/W. Gibbs, All Agreed.

It was suggested that the library talk with someone on the City Council about what to do with the Decennial Committees.

Sharon said she may set up a table at the Back to School Bash.

Motion to approve a donation of $50 to the Back to School Bash. W. Gibbs/D. Lampert, All Agreed.

When the library has to close suddenly due to illness or other reasons, S. Angleton or J. Lane will post a sign on the door so patrons know why the library is closed.

Lacey Barnhill and Kendra Cook with Extension and Ag programs have been presenting programs during the craft time. They get credit for holding programs and it gives the library free help and more ideas. Donna Walczak is also continuing her craft program alongside them.

S. Wiesemann is going to add line dancing back in as a program, plus she has added a new story time program for birth to 5 years old on Tuesdays at 3:00 for 30 to 45 minutes.

Since the craft program started, 500 people have been served and several of those people signed up for library cards. Donna has been a great asset to the craft program and came up with a lot of great ideas and activities.

As requested by the grant, when we publish articles in the newspaper or on Facebook we need to add a note acknowledging that the grant name and sources of funding: IL Humanities and National End, Friends of the Library. S. Wiesemann will submit the Humanities Final Report soon.

Chapter 6: Serving Our Public was reviewed. It was mentioned that in the future we may want to purchase an external defibrillator with grant money or a fund raiser now that the ambulance service is not housed next door.

Motion to approve the 2022 - 2023 budget. W. Gibbs/ J. Alvey, All Agreed.

Personnel policy will be tabled until the August meeting.

Motion to Adjourn  8:28 p.m. W. Gibbs/J. Alvey, All Agreed.

Minutes prepared by J. Lane.